Abe’s Handlebars

Client: Abe H. age: 40
Volunteers: Ray Riley,
Project Number: 20110604
Delivery Date: December 8 2011

Project Summary

Abe lives with limb differences on both arms but that has never stopped him from doing anything. Basketball, driving, and now riding a bike. May We Help adapted a 2-speed bicycle so Abe can more safely and comfortably steer.


Abe wanted to be able to ride a bike with his daughter but could not reach traditional handlebars.  He requested that we create something that he had drawn up.

The Outcome


Prototype Art

Project Gallery

Client Testimonial

“This is awesome. Ray listened to my needs and was very helpful. Ray gave me a dependable product that I will be able to use for the rest of my life”

Project Specs

Materials: Donated Bike, Custom Welded Handlebar


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