Sensory Chair

Client: Patrick age: 8
Volunteers: Bob Woolf, family, therapists
Project Number: 20150416
Delivery Date: January 1 1970

Project Summary

Children diagnosed with autism have challenges with sensory overload. The Sensory Chair, designed with input from Patrick's family and therapists, was created to provide Patrick with an enclosed, secure, distraction-free space that allows him the movement he needs to adjust and perform repetitive calming behaviors, to concentrate, and to relax.


Patrick was having difficulties; An eight-year-old who was constantly in motion, he needed a space to sit and focus on homework, and could use a calm place where he could enjoy some screen time and play.

His parents wrote us; “We are limited with a comfortable place for our son to sit and quietly do homework and have screen time for play. We do not have a desk as space is limited. The table is very hard for him to focus as there is a lot of distraction and noise. His bed doesn’t work because he cannot complete work without a proper space. He is in need of a rocking vestibular motion which that is a big issue for our son. He is in constant motion making it hard for him to focus.”

His therapists noted that a rocking, vestibular motion helped others diagnosed with autism settle and focus, and rocking chair therapy can be a part of sensory integration therapy.

The Outcome


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Client Testimonial

The Sensory Chair provides a secure space where Patrick can remove outside distractions, secure and limit his physical space, and rock to regain his focus. It fits into the same footprint as a traditional chair, has a pull down screen to reduce visual distractions, and straps to secure his feet and settle his physical anxiety.

Project Specs

Materials: Plywood, fabric screen


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