Cello Stand

Client: Musicians age:
Volunteers: Bill Sand,
Project Number: 20130507
Delivery Date: July 25 2013

Project Summary

”Without music, life would be a mistake.“ - Friedrich Nietzsche

We were approached by families of budding musicians to adapt accessories and musical instruments for easier play and mastery. The cello stand, now in its fifth version, is infinitely adjustable with knobs and levers to allow for comfortable and accurate positioning of the instrument. Inga and Elena also use custom created bow holders that allow them to play music with their feet.


My girls wanted to play the cello with their feet, but needed to have the cello elevated and held steady, at a particular angle, in order to play effectively.

The Outcome


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Client Testimonial

Bill enabled my daughter to be able to play the cello more skillfully by developing a device that would work particularly for the way she played the cello. Since her method of playing is so unique, we needed help from someone who could not only build a device but help us develop it, too. Bill did all of this and more!

Project Specs

Materials: Wood and adjustable knobs


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