Bed Steps

Client: Anna H. age: 7
Volunteers: Tom Fitzgibbons,
Project Number: 20121113
Delivery Date: January 13 2014

Project Summary

A 7 year old girl with spina bifida was not able to climb in and out of her bed on her own. Steps were built with a handrail to make it possible for her to get in and out without assistance.



I am a physical therapist at Cincinnati Children’s who is treating a 7 year old girl with spina bifida.  She has a Sleep Safe bed, which is an elevated bed, in her bedroom.  She is not strong enough to get into the bed herself and requires assistance from her parents to get into the bed safely.  I am wondering if it would be possible for you to build a few small steps from the floor to her bed so that she may enter/exit her bed safely and independently.  Thank you for considering this.  I look forward to hearing your response.


Gretchen M. (Anna’s Physical Therapist)

The Outcome

Project Gallery

Project Specs

Materials: Wood, hardware, and paint


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