Focus Desk

Client: Matthew age: 12
Volunteers: Bob Woolf, Eileen Bloustien, Janet Garner
Project Number: 20121022
Delivery Date: May 20 2013

Project Summary

Matthew’s existing school desk prohibited him from learning. MWH Volunteer Bob Woolf created a unique solution tailored to Matthew’s needs. The design specifically addresses sensory issues with positioning, enclosure, colors, and lighting to provide a more productive learning setting. Now Matthew is no longer as distracted and can more easily engage in learning.


My son is 12 years old and has had so much trouble learning, the entire specialist team that deals with deaf/blind tell me that his anger/behaviors are due to not being able to see what is asked of him to do. I have not been able to find anything like this and do not have the ability to design such a desk myself.

I was hoping you could help. I’m sure my son would be most grateful and I know that I would.

I need a desk for my son that is slanted at a 20 degree angle and forms around him with seating that is at the right size so he is in a 90-90-90 seated position and feet are comfortable on the floor so he feels safe when seated, the desk would need to have a black background/ that could be changed to bright yellow when needed, so that work would stand out so he can see it, and small little lights surrounding the boarders to help get his attention to focus on what is presented to him.

The school desk Matthew was using does not address his unique sensory needs. This causes him to get quite frustrated and was keeping him from learning. Matthew and his mother requested a desk better suited to his needs to that his senses could be relaxed as best as possible, allowing him to focus on learning.

The Outcome


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Client Testimonial

Finding a desk for a child with so many needs, it was just not out there anywhere. We looked everyplace and no one had all the things made into one desk that would work. Our son is now seated at the appropriate angle needed for a child with his disabilities; he is comfortable and cannot run off when working, and most importantly with his visual impairment the red lighting on black background and built-in slant board makes it possible for our son to see and focus on his work task. Our son can now see his work task and focus on his work, comfortable and appropriately seated. It is excellent, we are very pleased.

I would like to thank you all for helping change our son and others with disabilities, for helping better life by giving them that added touch to make life a little less challenging and a little more doable.

Project Specs

Materials: CNCed commercial grade plywood. Foam cushion fabric seat. Lighting strips around black laminate desktop.


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