Grace’s Power Cart

Client: Grace W. age: 5
Volunteers: Ray Riley, Paul Wenner, Eileen Bloustein
Project Number: 20141030
Delivery Date: April 4 2015

Project Summary

Grace wanted something to get around the house faster like a scooter board that she could pedal. However, when MWH Volunteers Ray, Paul & Eileen brought the idea of a power cart she could get into herself to life, Grace was using her new mobility everywhere including her home.


Grace has limb deficiencies, and uses a power wheelchair at school and in the community to get around independently. She lives in a ranch home, and the chair is often too dirty to bring inside. Grace can scoot on her bottom, but this is difficult for long distances in her home. She also uses a scooter board to get around at home, but this is also very strenuous for her. Her family would like to have a powered “cart” that sits low to the ground, so she can easily get on and off of it by herself and move to where she wants to go. This will also put her more at the level of her peers, rather than being taller in her power chair.

The Outcome

Prototype Art

Project Gallery

Project Specs

Materials: Base from a Shoprider Portable Power chair, Seat from Car Seat, Custom welded base to match seat, Upholstered Seat Cushion


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