Pediatric Powerchair III

Client: Chance age: 3
Volunteers: Chris Garner,
Project Number: 20150202
Delivery Date: May 30 2015

Project Summary

Children born with limb deficiencies have difficulty navigating their environment and engaging with other individuals. While self-propelled pediatric wheelchairs exist, motorized solutions are not commercially available. The Pediatric Powerchair III was produced to provide Chance a vehicle to independently navigate his environment, engage eye to eye with siblings and peers, and participate in activities unapproachable without this device.


Chance is a resourceful and determined young child. He’s developed unorthodox, but highly effective, methods for getting around his environment.

His family wrote in with their request:

“His only means for transportation is rolling around on the floor or moving around like an inchworm. He is always on the floor. It would be amazing if he could climb into a chair like Jovia’s that would allow him to go outside and go for a walk, to sit up instead of laying on the ground all the time. It would be a significant move towards independence.

Chance is missing his arms and legs. He does not have legs at all but does have partial feet. He also has partial stumps as arms.

Has very strong torso. Good at figuring things out tasks on his own without someone showing him.”

The Outcome

Project Gallery

Project Specs

Materials: Adapted pediatric wheel chair, motor, plastic, metal


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