Remote SuperSoakers

Client: United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cincinnati age: 25
Volunteers: Dave Barringer,
Project Number: 20130610
Delivery Date: August 30 2013

Project Summary

The adults that attend our day program were interested in having a squirt gun fight at our annual summer picnic. Due to physical limitations caused by a variety of disabilities they were unable to hold the squirt guns and also unable to independently activate the trigger. Dave Hacked the electronics in a particular squirt gun and made them mountable to our member's wheelchairs!


We are no longer able to use latex in our building due to participant allergies. For years, every summer, the participants have had catapult mounted water balloon activities but can no longer do this as it uses latex balloons.

Switch activated super soakers will allow our participants to engage in summer fun. Having the super soaker be wheelchair mounted will allow for partnering opportunities with staff and other participants.

Many of our participants face physical challenges preventing them from holding or activating the trigger on the super soaker. But they can gleefully press a switch.

For some of our participants, the super soaker will need to be wheelchair mounted for them to be truly independent while using the soaker as they lack the ability to hold the device.



The Outcome

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Client Testimonial

People using wheelchairs are able to have an arm clamped to their wheelchair. This arm holds the supersoaker. The person can then drive their power wheelchair or have someone else push their manual wheelchair. The supersoakers are also battery operated and can now have a button switch plugged into them. When someone presses the switch it activates the trigger so the squirt gun works. People can not use the squirt gun and participate independently in a squirt gun fight. Everyone can participate in activities. In some cases someone who can hold the squirt gun without assistance can hold the squirt gun while someone else presses the switch. This builds team work and socialization.

At Thanksgiving we made posters of turkeys. We filled the supersoakers with red colored water and program participants had a "Turkey Shoot" target practice in our gym. It was a BLAST!!!!


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