Rocket Bed

Client: Landon M. age: 13
Volunteers: Dick Gautraud, Peggy Gautraud
Project Number: 20130301
Delivery Date: July 16 2013

Project Summary

Landon loves space.. with a big L. Landon also lives with a hearing impairment and with Autism - requiring a vibrating fire alarm in his mattress. But when given the choice between sleeping on his bed or in a cardboard spaceship it was a no brainer.


Hi, my name is Jan M. and I am Landon’s grandmother. Landon is 11 years old and he is deaf and autistic. His area of interest is everything that has to do with space. His room is painted blue with lots of rockets, planets, moons, etc. painted on the walls. He got a cardboard Rocket for Christmas and is currently sleeping on the floor on top of blankets inside the rocket. He has a queen sized bed that he basically uses as a trampoline making it move across the wood floor. He pulls the sheets off and we can’t use us specialized vibrating fire alarm or alarm clock because he has figured out how to move it from under the mattress (kinda a moot point since he is sleeping on the floor now).

At any rate, I expect his cardboard rocket to fall completely apart soon. I would like to get rid of his big bed and box springs and the cardboard rocket and replace them with a twin mattress and box springs (grandpa and I will purchase this). We need someone to design a Rocket bed to put the twin set on. If we could figure out how to keep him from pulling the fitted sheets off that would be great. Also, he likes to jump on the bed which causes concern that he will hurt himself. If the rocket bed is designed so that the “ceiling” is too low for him to stand upright in then he could only bounce on his back while on the bed (which would be a big improvement but still allow him to get rid of some of his extra energy). Something to reduce noise when he is bouncing would help mom and dad whose bedroom is directly below Landon’s. It would be great if we could figure out how to keep him from removing the fire alarm from under his mattress. We need a way to attach the unit to the floor or walls to keep him from moving the bed across the floor.

Is this something that you would be able to help us with? Would we have to come up with money for building materials? I put my phone number and email on this request form.

Thanks for your consideration.

Janice Molesky

The Outcome


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Client Testimonial

I needed someone to build a bed that would take care of the many issues my grandson was having such as jumping on the bed, removing the sheets, refusing to sleep on the mattress and sleeping in the floor instead, removing the fire alarm from between the mattresses, drawing on the furniture, etc.

Now Landon is happily sleeping in the bed. He can't jump on it due to the overhead "roof", the sheets are attached together with velcro and he is leaving them in place. He is leaving the fire alarm alone since access to that area is now restricted. He is allowed to draw on the rocket bed since it is made of white board and can be easily cleaned. He LOVES space and this bed fits right into his space-themed room. He also seems to use the bed as a place where he can go to de-stress. This helps with his autism.

His mom and dad are sleeping better as their room is directly below his and he is no longer jumping on it at inappropriate times. It is easier to clean his room as his box springs sit directly on the floor so nothing can go under the bed. He is happier and that makes me happy. We no longer have to look at an unmade bed all day - it is hidden inside the "rocket".

This whole experience has been so awesome. I was not even sure if this was what your organization did but am so happy we found you. This solution would never have happened without you guys. Your efforts have enhanced not only the life of one very happy child but the lives of his family as well. Thank you to all who were involved.

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Project Specs

Materials: Aluminum channel and connectorsDiamond PlatingWhiteboardVinyl Graphics


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