Sarai’s Paint Brush Rig

Client: Sarai R. age: 34
Volunteers: Dick Gautraud, Bill Deimling
Project Number: 20150401
Delivery Date: June 23 2015

Project Summary

Sarai needed a solid way to hold and change paint brushes with her feet. Dick and Bill got together and created the perfect setup for her.


Sarai really enjoys painting with her foot, and at one time she had a special brace that went over her foot that a paintbrush went in. Unfortunately she hadn’t painted in a while and the piece has been misplaced.  We have tried taping a paintbrush to her foot, and taping the project to a box that is placed on the floor under her foot.  The paintbrush falls off, and its uncomfortable. Also her project falls off the box.  Sarai has cp so she uses a wheelchair, and does not have use of her hands.  Sarai is a very kind, intelligent woman, who would love to create some works of art independently.

The Outcome

Project Gallery

Client Testimonial

This goes to show that just because someone might have a disability, doesn't mean they aren't ABLE to do what everyone else can!

Project Video

Project Specs

Materials: Plywood1x2 pineScrewsShoeEpoxyQuick detach brush holder


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