Savannah’s Pool Float

Client: Savannah age: 13
Volunteers: Austin Sillies,
Project Number: 20120116
Delivery Date: August 1 2014

Project Summary

Savannah wanted something to keep her afloat in a pool that did not require her to hang on. The family also wanted something that was non-inflatable for safety reasons. MEH Volunteer Austin Sillies took on the endeavor for this senior design project at UC and did an incredible job.

Being in the pool is something she loves and we are afraid she won't be able to get in this summer.


You have helped us once before put larger wheels on our daughters walker. I am contacting you this time to see if you can help us with a device to help her in the pool. We have been using innertubes but she experiences pain in her shoulders from her arms/weight resting on it. We have been searching and can’t seem to find anything that will work. Being in the pool is something she loves and we are afraid she won’t be able to get in this summer. Thank you.

The Outcome


Prototype Art

Project Gallery

Project Video

Project Specs

Materials: Aluminum tubing, aluminum plate, waterproof foam, waterproof fabric


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