Bow Holder

Client: Musicians age:
Volunteers: Bill Sand,
Project Number: 20150608
Delivery Date: July 1 2015

Project Summary

We’ve served a variety of clients requiring custom adaptations to play string instruments. Cello and violin bow holders are created using 3-D printing and other fabrication methods. One-of-a-kind bow holders have been developed for musicians missing fingers, hands, and arms. The custom fit gives our clients greater control so they have more confidence in their abilities allowing them to develop a mastery of their art.


Many of our clients come to us with handmade adaptations using masking tape, pieces of foam, and even pencils for grasping. More permanent, lasting devices are needed for budding musicians to learn, develop, and master their musical skills.

Several young clients return with new requests as their bodies grow, skills develop, and they’ve worn out our previous solutions with frequent use.

The Outcome


Project Gallery

Project Specs

Materials: 3-D printing, plastic, metal


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