Switch Operated TV Remote

Client: Easton W. age: 6
Volunteers: Dave Barringer, Hannah Mattingly
Project Number: 20140325
Delivery Date: May 13 2015

Project Summary

Easton isn’t always a fan of his sister’s choice of TV shows. So we made him a remote to set things straight.


“First I want to start by saying thank you to all of you for having such a wonderful organization.
I’m just learning of your site and I just want to say a HUGE Thank You, to those of you that volunteer your time to do these amazing things. I have a 5yo son w/cerebral palsy and in the last 5 years I have said “I know someone could make this (insert numerous odd and end things needed at the time) a million times. The one thing that is a constant “wish he had” would be switch operated remote of some sort. I just want him to be able to turn channels between preselected stations, so that he can make the choice of what he watches. I have researched this and spoken to multiple IT techs but this never seems to be something someone can figure out how to do.

What are the limitations of the client that must be considered?
My son is in wheelchair, dependent on us for all physical needs. However. He does help with choices by using eye gaze or head tilt.
Easton can use a switch (pancake, toggle, big talk etc) and as he is aging he is gaining more ability to do more.

What are the strengths of the client that must be considered?
Easton is continuing to gain more and more knowledge of the switches and their “cause and effect” usefulness.”

The Outcome


Prototype Art

Project Gallery

Client Testimonial

“I can not thank you enough! Easton has changed the channel on me twice already this evening. I can never explain how much it means to me that you gave him the chance to be an ornery little boy. He is loving "picking" on his sisters and me already. I will try to attach photos so that you can see the excitement in his face as he is being a total boy in a house full of girls!
Thank you, Rachel”

Project Video

Project Specs

Materials: Arduino NanoLED (850 nm, Infrared)Resistor (180 ohm ¼ Watt)Diodes (3) (1N4001 or equivalent)Relay (5V low current, Magnecraft W172DIP-5 or equivalent )Push Buttons (All Electronics LPS-5Bor equivalent )9V battery and battery clip


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