Trike Pedal Stand

Client: Amelia M. age: 12
Volunteers: Tom Fitzgibbons, Paul Wenner, Mike McDonald
Project Number: 20130717
Delivery Date: July 7 2014

Project Summary

Amelia wanted a way to exercise on her trike in the winter so MWH Volunteers Tom Fitzgibbons, Paul Wenner and Mike McDonald create a stand that would allow her to do just that.


Amelia has spina bifida and is 12 years old. She has had 63 surgeries so far. She just got a new 3-wheeled bike (see link below), and we’re hoping to increase her physical activity with it, and build her muscles. The problem is that with it so hot, she can’t really be outside for very long. And then when fall/winter hits we’ve got the opposite problem. I’m wondering if we could have something made to rest the bike in so she could use it indoors? I know they make these for typical bikes, but I can’t find anything for a 3-wheel. Is this something your group could help with?

The Outcome

Prototype Art

Project Gallery

Client Testimonial

I'm not used to asking for help, and always feel guilty when I accept help. I assumed that your services should be reserved for those in more need, so I was reluctant to ask.

The problem my daughter had was that we found a teen-sized trike for her to ride, but the heat and cold made it difficult for her to actually use it. Amelia can ride her trike as an exercise bike inside for exercise and strength building. After doing this through the fall and winter, she may be more incentivized to ride it outside as well. This will help build muscle, endurance, and self-confidence.

We really appreciate the work you do, for us and for others. It's so amazing to see the willingness to give the skills your group has to people who can use them. I'm impressed by the vision and the dedication.

Project Specs

Materials: Indoor Cycle training standMetal Tubing to extend stand framePVC


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