Our volunteers design and create unique, custom solutions for individuals with special needs to engage in and pursue their passions. We are here to fulfill the needs for individually tailored assistive devices that are not being met commercially.

Because people will always be more unique than the things they use.

What defines a May we help project?

If a commercially available piece of equipment meets all the requirements of the client’s request this equipment solution will be referred to the prospective client and the project will be solved by referral. To see some great resources we have found for commercially available products, go to: Client Resources
If there is a piece of commercially available equipment that will meet many but not all of the client’s needs but requires some modifications to meet their unique needs we will accept the request. In this case it is expected that the client provide the base piece of equipment. However, if MWH can obtain the base equipment via donation instead we will of course do that.
At no time will we take on a project that requires building modifications that are subject to local building codes and inspections.
If for any reason May We Help determines such a project is deemed unsafe or too risky for either the client or May We Help, the project will not be accepted.
If the cost to accomplish a project is deemed too expensive by the senior volunteers after reviewing our budget constraints financial assistance will be requested of the client(s) before we can accept it.
If a particular request is only for a one time use, we will not accept this project so as to use our volunteer resources more effectively for basic everyday needs.
Any ongoing maintenance of the modified equipment we provide is the responsibility of the client and not an expected long term commitment of May We Help unless the needs of the client change for age or health reasons. Then a new project should be requested.
If local trades people can be hired to build / modify such things as swing sets for clients we will not accept these projects. Many commercial designs are available or easily modifiable by local trades people or equipment suppliers.
We will not accept projects simply because the prospective client can’t afford to buy a commercially available piece of equipment. Our objective is to modify equipment that a client uniquely needs to improve their lives that currently can’t be bought.

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