May We Help provides unique and critical services to
Individuals, Organizations, and the Community.

Sometimes, a device is all that stands in the way of an individual with a disability achieving independence or pursuing their passion. When that device is not available in the marketplace, that’s when May We Help’s volunteers step in. They are a team of engineers, industrial designers, inventors, welders, woodworkers, seamstresses, doctors, occupational and physical therapists whose skill sets come together to design, build and deliver custom devices at no cost to hundreds of recipients every year.

May We Help is a game-changer for people with disabilities who are striving to become more independent or pursue a passion.

May We Help’s Workshop, where highly skilled volunteers create one-of-a-kind custom devices for people with disabilities.

In 2023, May We Help received over 1,200 requests for its services, and volunteers logged over 10,315 hours with a value to the community of $1.47 million.

May We Help provides solutions for other organizations that also serve people with disabilities.

May We Help fills all sorts of community needs wherever there’s an opportunity to enhance the quality of life.

Adaptive Equipment Swap

May We Help’s Adaptive Equipment Swaps leverage the inordinate amount of equipment stored in people’s basements by giving it a second use because, while the equipment may no longer be right for one person, it’s likely a fit for someone else! Since 2019, we’ve given away over $1.8 million worth of life-changing adaptive equipment – all at no charge!

Annual Halloween Festival

On Halloween, if you have a power chair, you can be the envy of everyone on the block. So, every year, May We Help teams up with students from UC’s Theatre Arts program to build customized costumes. Recipients debut their costumes at May We Help’s Annual Halloween Festival, then take the costumes home with them for Halloween!

Tinker Toy Box

Before they turn school age, the way kids learn is through play. But if their disability keeps a child from being able to play with the toys designed for their age group, this can leave a gap in development. May We Help’s Tinkered Toy Box solves this problem by providing free switch-adapted toys. Last year, as he does every year, Santa visited May We Help and personally gave away 200 modified toys! This year, we’ll provide 300 switch-adapted toys plus hold two workshops on how to do it yourself!



May We Help provides free-of-cost support through volunteer led, innovative custom solutions and access to adaptive equipment



To empower everyone with disabilities to achieve independence and pursue their full potential by providing the tools they need to thrive, while fostering a spirit of giving within the community.