May We Help (MWH) is a game-changer for people with disabilities who are striving to become more independent and/or pursue a passion. The problem MWH clients face is that – in order to become more independent or pursue their passion – they require a device that isn’t available commercially, or they require a modification to an existing device. So MWH’s team of volunteer engineers, designers, inventors, makers and artisans design it for them! At no cost to the client!


We design and create unique custom solutions for individuals with special needs to engage in and pursue their passions.


To see all individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to gain independence and pursue their passions.


May We Help exists to love people living with disabilities with whatever we have, and through our professional volunteer network we have the ability to create whatever you may need.



May We Help operates on the front line with our highly skilled volunteers and those with unique physical challenges. This creates countless opportunities for new relationships to bloom and cultivate over time.


From the original design concept to product delivery, we bring our “A game” to each and every client project. We believe that just because we can deliver custom devices for free does not mean they have to be makeshift, cheap, or ugly.


Our volunteers give freely of their time, talent, and resources to offer hope, independence, and access to passions in the lives of our clients. Our Donors allow us to pursue this mission at no cost to our clients.


We believe this opportunity should not be reserved for the greater Cincinnati area alone. We seek to package the unique mission of May We Help and deliver it across the United States and beyond.


We believe May We Help provides a unique philanthropic outlet for individuals with unique and creative abilities. Our multi-disciplined group of volunteers bring a fresh perspective and new approaches to common challenges faced in the world of physical disabilities.