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Can’t swing a hammer or drive a screw? You can still help with a financial gift or a donation of tools and materials. Please join us in our mission to engineer dreams, and deliver them for free. Our projects are completed with excellence because our clients are worth it.

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We have 1 staff member for every 60 volunteers to make this place hum. Our lean (literally) staff is the fuel for projects we deliver each week.

Project Materials & Tooling Costs

Last year we created by request almost 100 new physical devices for people all over the US. That took a lot of materials and tooling to discover exactly what would work for each end user. Please support us financially so that we can keep the volunteers well facilitated in their new developments for our current and future clientele.

If you are a business owner who would like to donate your services or materials, please email our volunteer procurement team at procurement@maywehelp.org

Regional Expansion

Understanding that Greater Cincinnati is May We Help’s home, but realizing that this gift should be spread across the country, and the world if possible.

May We Help
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