When you donate to May We Help, you make a real difference in the life of someone with a disability. You become a hero.

The service May We Help volunteers provide is invaluable. How do you put a price on helping someone achieve greater independence or pursue a passion?

But the value of your donation is very clear. It’s critical to our work, and the results are transformative for the clients we serve.

Thank you. You are making dreams a reality for so many special individuals, like these!


From the Executive Director

I tell stories all day about the challenges May We Help clients face and the impact a donation makes.

But if there’s one story that illustrates it best, I think it’s this one.

It takes place at Frisch’s Mainliner in Mariemont, just down the road from May We Help, where I’m having lunch with my friend, Gary, and his son, Dominic. Dominic is in his wheelchair, because he has a host of complex conditions, including being non-verbal and unable to feed himself. So Gary’s feeding Dominic, while he’s telling me this story.

The story starts off with how – after Gary and his wife, Laura, got married – they researched where they were going to begin their life adventure together. They got out a map of the U.S. and a bunch of straight pins, and they started doing research based on their interests, dreams and aspirations.

When they came across a city that seemed well suited to delivering on those interests, dreams and aspirations, they put a pin in it. Ultimately, they decided on Boulder, Colorado.

Then they gave birth to Dominic, and they quickly realized that they were going to begin a much different life adventure together, one that had nothing to do with their interests, dreams and aspirations, but instead, one that was going to be about Dominic and his quality of life.

So they got the map and straight pins back out, and they started their research all over again, albeit a much different sort of research. This time, it was about where in America there were the most resources to support Dominic’s needs and provide him the best quality of life, and to their surprise, they realized they weren’t going to move anywhere – that Cincinnati had the most and best resources for Dominic.

Which begs the question, why is that? Why does Cincinnati have so many amazing resources for people with disabilities? After all, Cincinnati’s not a huge metropolis like New York or Chicago!

Gary and I talked it over for a while, and here’s where we netted out. All the amazing resources in Cincinnati require support in the form of volunteerism and philanthropy, and the reason there are so many resources in Cincinnati is due to its incredibly deep-rooted, longstanding culture of giving.

Which means that when you give to May We Help, or any of the amazing non-profits in Cincinnati, you’re helping ensure that Cincinnati remains one of the most supportive cities in the country for those families, like Gary’s who can use a helping hand.

On behalf of everyone in the community who benefits from your generosity, thank you,