May We Help volunteers engineer dreams by designing, building, and delivering one-of-a-kind custom solutions.

Can we help you become more independent? Or pursue a passion?

Here’s what you should know before submitting your request:

  • Our focus is on developing devices that are not commercially available.

  • If commercially available equipment meets some but not all of your needs, we’ll gladly make modifications.

  • We do not build ramps, do home modifications, or modify vehicles.

  • We focus on developing devices for everyday use, as opposed to one-time use.

  • If May We Help determines a project request is unsafe, the project will not be accepted

  • If May We Help determines that material costs are too expensive, financial assistance may be requested.

How it works:

Volunteer Match

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Once a project request is made, we get to work finding just the right volunteer or team of volunteers whose skill sets, interests and geography best match with the project.

Discovery visit

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Each project starts with a Discovery visit. During that visit, volunteers learn more about the recipient and the environment in which they hope to thrive! Discovery visits are an essential part of the May We Help process and form the basis for collaboration.

Design & Build

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Using May We Help’s state of the art Impact 100 workshop, volunteers go to work designing and building the custom solution.


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Once the device is complete, it’s time for the best part: delivery! Volunteers deliver the completed solution and ensure that it works just right.

Collaboration and Consultation

When appropriate, May We Help volunteers like to involve a physical and/or occupational therapist. Collaborating with a PT or OT allows May We Help volunteers to have a clear understanding of the individual’s medical considerations, functional goals, positioning needs, and prior equipment use. 

If you are not working with a PT or OT, May We Help can provide you a list of local PT’s and OT’s from which you can make an informed selection that will work best with your situation.

One of those volunteer therapists is Lisa Davison of Aspire Therapy Services *, which is located inside the May We Help building.

Aspire Therapy Service

Lisa provides consultations on equipment-focused solutions and can work with you directly or facilitate collaboration between your OT/PT and May We Help volunteers to ensure the design of your solution is appropriate, comfortable and provides the best functional outcome.

Learn more about Lisa!

*Aspire Therapy Services, LLC is an independent entity and is not affiliated with May We Help.

Start your project with us today

After completing the solution request, you can expect to receive a confirmation and welcome email within 48 hours. The May We Help team looks forward to working with you!


May We Help volunteers are required to have frequent and timely communication with clients from the start of a project through delivery. Because communication and collaboration are essential to each phase of the project process we ask that you extend the same courtesy, and please respond to phone calls and/or emails from the May We Help volunteer assigned to your project in a timely manner. If a volunteer is unable to reach you, it can prevent a project from getting started, stall a project already in progress, and/or delay delivery.

Spread the Word

From time to time –we may need your assistance with surveys or testimonials that will help spread the word about the unique and critical services we provide.

The length of time it takes to complete a project varies greatly, and while we strive to complete each project as quickly as possible, there are many factors that can impact project completion.  The volunteer/s assigned to your project will communicate project timelines and any delays that may occur.

MWH is able to pay for project materials through the generosity of individual donors and corporate partners. All solutions are provided free of cost!