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Our Volunteers are the heart of May We Help and we offer various opportunities for you to serve. Please join us in our mission to help others realize their dreams by creating independence, at no cost.

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Some ways to volunteer

The MWH Technical Volunteers who develop these incredible one-of-a-kind assistance devices are professionals and hobbyists in the product development industry of different focus that give generous amounts of their time, skill and resources to help others. We provide a creative and challenging philanthropic outlet that exercises highly practical and effective problem-solving for our technical volunteers. This type of volunteer comprises the largest part of our volunteer body and is the backbone of our mission.
A Resource Volunteer is a person who has the desire to help build a project but does not take a lead role. This is a great way to get your toes wet with the MWH process. Typical contributions from resource volunteers are donated materials and services.
The Monthly Volunteer Meeting and Monthly Work Meeting are the life giving pulses that facilitate much of the interaction and work between the volunteers and clients. Our First Impressions Team makes sure that new volunteers and presenting clients are properly introduced and routed to the correct parties within the meeting. This is a great role for those of you extroverts out there. Within this role is the opportunity to provide brief on-boarding training to potential volunteers at the monthly meetings as well.
Reap all the rewards of a project without having to do the work! The Follow Up team makes monthly rounds to check in and visit with clients who have had their device for more than a month. They are an unbiased audience for the client to share concerns and praises. This is a key role for the organization because follow up visits provide the feedback loop we need to keep improving our work.
We decided in 2010 that since the Monthly Volunteer Meetings are a place where we invite new clients, volunteers, and friends, and it is in the evenings, and they require a ton of cranial activity, that dinner would be provided every time. Currently we host and feed around 40 people every meeting. May We Help reimburses the cost of food for these meals to the providing Foodie volunteer. If you are into cooking for an army, this role has your name on it. There is always room at the table for another Foodie volunteer.
One of the strongest currencies for volunteering in anything is convenience. The Procurement Team’s mission is to provide the Technical volunteers with the crucial things they need throughout a project to make the process as convenient as possible. This looks much like a sales and inventory team. Externally they are meeting with potential material and service providers to establish donor relationships. Internally they are fulfilling requests from the Technical Volunteers for anything from fellow volunteer expertise and contact information, external referrals for donated services and materials, and the status of what is currently stocked at the MWH shop. If you love the mission of MWH and want others to get onboard, this is for you.
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