First and foremost, we are a team of volunteers.

At many non-profits, volunteers assist the staff to see through the organization’s mission. At May We Help, though, the staff exists to support the work of the volunteers.


Steve Schwartz – Board Chair
Clare O’Brien, Vice Chair
Jim Berg, Treasurer
John V. Mock, Secretary (aka Captain Tabasco)
Maureen Bickley
Amy Castellini
Bill Deimling
Emily Hunsucker
Thomas Huston
Chris Jarc
Craig Osterhues
Bill Sand
Jean Shannon
Patrick Wilson


Rob Seideman
Rob SeidemanExecutive Director
Katy Collura
Katy Collura Development Director
Brianne Wilkerson
Brianne WilkersonProject Director
Tom Hanson
Tom HansonWorkshop Manager
Beau Bramer
Beau Bramer Project Manager