How it all started…

In 2003 (before Kindle!), an engineer named Bill Wood met a young lady with cerebral palsy who loved to read books but was using a pencil in her mouth to turn the pages, so Bill designed a device for her that turned the pages with the gentle push of a button.

About the same time, factory owner Bill Deimling was adapting assistive devices for a family friend with a disability. The friend’s physical therapist introduced the two Bills, and they joined forces to fill an unmet need: to create custom, commercial-grade assistive devices for people with disabilities.

Then, as fate would have it, one day when the two Bills were meeting at Bill Deimling’s factory, a third Bill – an engineer named Bill Sand – bumped into them, and the idea for May We Help was born.

Today, May We Help consists of 75 volunteer engineers, industrial designers, inventors, welders, woodworkers, seamstresses, doctors, occupational and physical therapists who come together to design, build and deliver custom devices at no cost to hundreds of recipients every year.

Meet the Three Bills